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Saturday, May 20, 2006

My V8 Supercar Experience... Vrrrooooomm!

My wifey got me some hot laps at the AHG Driver Training Centre in a V8 Supercar for Christmas last year, and I was all rev'ed up (heheh) to get driven around the track by an expert in a V8 Supercar... woohoo!

I showed up at the AHG Driver Training Centre this morning and it turns out they didn't have my booking even though they sent me a confirmtion email months ago. Good thing I had the email and when I showed them, they slotted me in the 8am session anyways... The guy asked me how many laps, so I didn't really want to lie so I said 2 which the wifey got me... so I suited up and they had a presentation about safety... driving techniques... hrrrmmm... sounded like they were expecting me to drive... wha? Turns out they thought I was booked in for 2 laps driving so I had a bonus!

V8 Supercar Experience
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I took out the race ready Holden Commodore V8 for an awesome drive around the track, with the instructor screaming in my ear wanting me to push it harder, and was guiding me around the track about where to brake, where the racing lines were etc. etc... and I did alright seeing I haven't driven a manual since I sold the MX5 11 months ago... *heheh*

My sister in law's boyfriend Colly came along to watch and take pics and Nick came along too (even though I think he just wanted to take pictures using his new camera...) so if you click *here* if you want to see the entire photoset he uploaded to Flickr... (thanks for the awesome shots dude...).

Thanks also to Colly for taking more shots on my camera, (mostly my racer-boy poser shots...) and also videos of my run around the track. I also purchased the in-car video which includes audio of the instructor telling me how to drive like a race car driver, and when the videos are uploaded, try and catch the bit where he goes... "Left... go left here... Left! LEFT! No your *other* LEFT!" ;)

Thanks so much wifey for getting me this awesome experience and the guys for coming along to share the experience watching me drive a beast of a race car around the track like a grandmother... :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Proud Fathers...

Proud Daddies!
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We went to visit Nick, Diana and little Ryan today, well it's my second visit as I popped over quickly after work yesterday, but it was Ming and Hannah's first visit and Hannah took to Ryan a little... :)

Well I suppose she likes other babies, and Nick and I have often joked about how weird it would be if our firstborns got together, even before Ryan was born. Wifey joked about how we would be expecting 12 cows as a suitable dowry for Hannah, and for Nick and Diana to start saving up cows... :D

Having a look at the picture of Nick and I with our firstborns, I am struck with a feeling of surrealness (is that an actual word?) as it's weird seeing both of us as dads, however it fills me with pride seeing how far we have come since high school... I mean who would have thought eh?

I mean, we were part of a bunch of nerds/geeks who met on the first day of school outside the co-ordinator of the Academic Extension Programme at Swanbourne Senior High School back in 1989. Our conversations revolved around computer games and the like, and over the years, progressed onto basketball, women, the meaning of life, religion, cars, marriage and more recently kids...

Awesome experiences dude... welcome to the new club, full of thrills, spills... sleepless nights, pooey diapers, walking around like zombies... but most of all the absolute joys of fatherhood!

Tis another season of our lives, and hope to share many more watching our kids growing up... :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ryan Nicolas Takayama is born!

Ryan Nicolas Takayama is born!
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Awesome stuff! Ryan Nicolas Takayama was born at 5:26pm today, weighing 7lbs 5oz!

Little Ryan started his approach for entry into this world early this morning, but took his time to check out the sights along the way! :)

Awesome stuff Nick and Diana! Praise God from whom all blessings flow, and this tiny little life that God gave you guys is an awesome blessing to both of you and all around him!!! The angels are rejoicing in heaven singing Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory to God in the Highest!

Enjoy this wonderful time with your new son, and make the most of these precious moments!

Can't wait to meet the new addition to your family!

Waiting in anticipation...

Nick, my best bud, whom I consider a brother both in Christ and in real life, is expecting his first born child any time now, actually it was due yesterday...

I know how anxious he was feeling as I was feeling the same way almost 11 months ago now, and since about 10am this morning, he was not online on MSN, which could mean one of two things... 1) Diana has gone into labour and he's done a runner to the hospital, or 2) he's stuck underneath some large immovable object, and can't get online.

I've tested my hypothesis by emailing him soon after 10am, but no reply...

SMS'ed him at about noon... no reply...

Been praying and thinking about them since about then, and now it's about 8:30pm at night, and just eagerly awaiting news... How awesome it would be, just like 11 months ago when the angels rejoiced with Ming and I when our precious little Hannah was born!!!

And it's the season for bubs, as our friends Sean and Christina had a little baby boy Caleb a couple of weeks ago, and Dave and Julia had a little baby boy Elliot last Friday. And news just in last night that our friends Mervyn and Sze in Singapore had a little baby girl Tammy also last Friday...

God speed little TicTak (project name for Nick and Diana's little bub...), the whole world is eagerly waiting to meet you! And Nick and Diana, our thoughts and constant prayers at with you at this moment...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Evolution of Dance...

Sunday, May 07, 2006


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Nope, not the programming language, coffee, nor the island in Indonesia... Java is my parents' new puppy and she's a cutie!

She's a Border Collie/Cattle Dog cross, and we met her when we were over yesterday and viewing the portraits that we took a couple of weeks ago. Hannah loved her and kept saying 'Wo wo' which is the chinese way of imitating a dog barking. Whenever Hannah wants to refer to Max or hears a dog barking she says 'Wo wo', very cute! :)

Anyways, gotta bring Max over one day to meet Java as I reckon he'll love her to bits and play nicely together... and I'm sure they would make cute little puppies together if it wasn't for the minor technicality of both of them being sterilised... *grin*