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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Technical Evolution of swang...

Was listening to a podcast a few days ago, and it was the 100th episode of the TechStuff podcast from the howstuffworks.com crew... and they were reminiscing about the computers and gadgets and technologies that they were involve with from way back when... which inspired me to jot down a few notes about my own experiences from when I was a wee lad...

I'll be writing a number of posts of my technical evolution which includes but is not limited to areas like...

- Computers
- Gaming Consoles
- Music players
- PDA's/Smartphones
- Journaling/Blogging

Sure it's a bit of nostalgia and fun, but is quite interesting from the perspective of recalling these things as ultimately these all contribute of who I am today and also my opinions and passion in the area of technology/gadgetry... :)


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